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Industry experts set to take centre stage at Vitafoods South America Seminar Theatre

Industry experts set to take centre stage at Vitafoods South America Seminar Theatre
17 Mar 2014
Industry experts set to take centre stage at Vitafoods South America Seminar Theatre

Vitafoods South America has announced topics for its Seminar Theatre programme at this year's exhibition. The programme includes discussions on weight management, heart health and consumer attitudes to science in food innovation, as well as a host of other topics all presented by the world’s leading nutraceutical experts and key industry suppliers.


With content free for all visitors to the show, the Vitafoods South America Seminar Theatre is a popular attraction at the event, and once again features talks from independent associations, research companies and consultancies as well as exhibitor–led presentations.


Highlights include, Jorge Sarasqueta, Director at Innova Market Insights, discussing the Top Trends in 2014; Datamonitor Analyst Renata De March explores weight management; and an EAS Strategic Advice workshop on the regulatory issues faced when launching a food supplement or product with a nutrition or health claim.


Top Trends in 2014 takes place on the first day of the show between 16:20 – 16:50. Providing an essential insight into the trends shaping the global food industry, topics include ‘Waste Not Want Not’, which looks at how food manufacturers are attempting to reduce food wastage during production, and ‘You Can Trust Us’, putting current consumer confidence in the food industry under the microscope. Other topics set for exploration are ‘The Protein Horizon’, the ever-increasing use of protein in new product launches and ‘Look out for the Small Guy’, how small companies are developing markets by targeting niche areas.


Datamonitor’s Renata De March’s Weight Management – Consumer and Innovation Trends opens day two at 11:30. With 1.5 billion adults aged 20 and above overweight or obese and 43 million children under the age of five overweight, obesity is a global epidemic. This session explores whether the food and beverage industry could do more to fully engage weight-conscious consumers and whether consumer and innovation insight can help pinpoint key marketing platforms that can be used to encourage new product trial.


For those interested in gaining regulatory advice there is a workshop on nutrition and health claims presented by EAS Strategic Advice which provides a comprehensive guide for companies looking to launch a food supplement or functional food product that bears a nutrition or health claim. The workshop also looks to explain the similarities and differences in nutrition and health claims regulations across Latin America’s trade blocks and clarify the regulations and procedures that companies must be aware of in key markets when launching a food or ingredient using innovative claims. The workshop is an extended session and takes place from 14:30 – 17:20.


Returning with another insightful exploration of a key market sector, Jorge Sarasqueta presents Heart Health Supplements Have Good Rhythm from 13:00 – 13:30. With global launches in heart health products experiencing a 5% annual growth between 2009 and 2013, this Innova Market Insights presentation looks at the top ingredients and formats used to deliver heart health supplements.


Consumer attitudes to science in food and innovation, presented by Leatherhead Food Research Principal Analyst Nicole Patterson-Lett, delves into the consumer psyche, looking at which food and drink categories are considered to be innovative and whether national companies or local independent companies are seen as leading the way in food and drink innovation. Also set for discussion are consumer attitudes towards science and technology in food manufacturing, nanotechnology and what can be learned from consumer opinions on GM foods. This discussion takes place from 13:40 – 14:10 on Wednesday 9th April.


Exhibitor-led sessions in the Vitafoods South America Seminar Theatre programme include The Potential of Medicinal Plants in Nutrition-Related Pathologies with Maria Angélica Fiut, nutritionist and board member of ABFIT and Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Special nutrients, from pregnancy to adult life with Rafaela Pontes of Kemin.


There are also presentations from Dan Souza, DBS Sales Director at Naturex on Flowens and PACran how strong clinical science on Cranberry revitalise the Men’s Health and Women’s Health Categories and Private Labelling and Nutraceuticals: Global Outlook and Success Strategies presented by Ken McClellan of Private Label Omega-3.


Chris Lee, Vitafoods Portfolio Director, commented: "With the Brazilian nutraceutical market alone predicted to account for a 24.4% share of the world market by 2017, the Latin American functional foods and nutraceutical market is booming[1]. Companies recognise the potential of launching new products and ingredients in a market where there is increasing interest from consumers in their health and well-being. Visitors to the show have access to presentations by the world’s leading nutraceutical experts on the issues that are most relevant to the Latin American market. Regulatory affairs, new trends and consumer attitudes are topics that are of huge relevance to visitors to Vitafoods South America and the Seminar Theatre programme provides valuable insight relating to these issues and the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.” 


All presentations are in either Portuguese or English and are simultaneously translated.


Please visit www.vitafoodssouthamerica.com for more information.


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[1] According to Transparency Market Research

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